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Vintage Butterfly Pendant Brooch


Gold and silver dominated by the red of the ruby, the green of the emerald, the blue of the sapphire and the white sparkle of the diamond. A triumph of colors for a vintage butterfly pendant brooch.

  • Dimensions: 7.55 x 5.10 cm
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It may be due to the considerable size or the bright colors of the precious stones but certainly but one cannot remain indifferent in front of this vintage butterfly pendant brooch. To make this jewel even more unique is its double soul: it can be a comfortable brooch used to close a shawl or to adorn a dress, and with a long chain it becomes a precious pendant that will make all nature and precious lovers invites . The naturalistic shape of the butterfly, the large dimensions and the loaded colors of the precious stones undoubtedly recall the production of Liberty jewels, a benchmark style in jewelery in general. The refined execution of this Vintage Butterfly Pendant Brooch sees a skeleton made of white and silver gold, embellished with various natural stones. The red of the rubies, the green of the emeralds and the blue of the sapphires is even more highlighted by the white sparkle of the diamonds. A jewel to show off without hesitation. The cheerful and lively notes of this vintage pendant brooch seem to take us back in time to an elegant and luxurious party. A true triumph of light and color as a true queen of the evening.

  • Dimensions: 7.55 x 5.10 cm