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Buy Ancient Jewelry

Adele Natale 18/01/2020 0 comments

If you want to buy vintage and ancient jewelry you are in the right place. Do not miss the opportunity to relive the emotions of eras passed through wonderful jewels.

Attention to antique jewelry has accompanied the tradition of Risivi Gioielli since its birth in 1978.

The ancient jewels are characterized by their rarity and beauty, by the iconic style and quality manufacture. They are a true example of a work of art, but above all a cultural expression of the era to which they belong. However, they are also delicate objects, which is why they are extremely rare and sought after today.

In ancient times it was customary to bury the deceased with their jewels, some of which were found following excavations, but mostly damaged. Furthermore, due to the succession of different fashions, young women often tended to modify their jewelry to better adapt it to the latest trends. Despite these risks, a sufficient number of jewels has come down to us, so as to have a collection capable of representing the entire historical arch, in particular of the nineteenth century, when jewels were probably more in vogue than any other historical period.

The most precious objects of a collection of ancient jewels date back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and have come to us through excavations and finds from shipwrecked ships, from real and ecclesiastical treasures and from private collections.

The search for the most beautiful precious objects and artefacts of any era represents the core of our business. Passion and constant dedication allow us to always guarantee our customers a wide selection of antique and vintage gold and precious stones jewels, including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, brooches and watches, all in excellent condition.

Ancient jewels are stories that are handed down, they are two worlds, the ancient and the contemporary one that meet to give life to something new.

At Risivi Gioielli you can find period jewels from the 19th and 20th centuries, unique pieces that tell a glimpse of history. If you are looking for designer jewelry, here you can find the best brands such as: Bulgari, Cartier, Buccellati, Tiffany, Pomellato, Gucci, Van Cleef, Boucheron, Chaumet and much more. Every precious item is guaranteed and accompanied by an authentication certificate.